Albert Keith

Albert “Bert” Keith began work in the dental industry in 1982, opening boxes on the loading dock of a dental supply company. He soon became a dental sales consultant. In 1987, he started working with dental computer systems, and in 1999, he helped introduce the first web-based dental practice management application.

Bert has his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Boston College. He has been a member of the Microsoft Ambassador program, delivering lectures on Microsoft technologies, and he was a part-time professor of computer science at Strayer University.

Bert joined Carestream Dental LLC in 2001 and has worked with hundreds of dental practices. He has presented information at dental conventions and to many of the major dental groups and associations. As a trainer, Bert trains our clients on CS SoftDent practice management software and CS PracticeWorks practice management software, CS Imaging software and eServices.


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