Lisa Goldworm

As a Board Certified Oral Healthcare Professional, Lisa Goldworm has been privileged to work with exceptional practices. Since 1997, she has worked in different facets of the dental field, including management, and she is passionate about dental technology.

Lisa studied digital animation at International Fine Arts College in Miami, Florida, and then earned her degree as a CDA, EFDA with radiology license. While working full-time in the dental field, she obtained her college degree at Broward College and Florida Atlantic University.

Her interests in art, technology, and dentistry came together when she was introduced to an intraoral scanner while working at a prosthodontic specialty practice. Lisa taught future dental assistants at a local college and brought her skills to the Carestream Dental training team in 2014.

As a trainer, Lisa wants to help practitioners create aesthetically pleasing smiles, increase provider profitability, and optimize oral health through the use of Carestream Dental products


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