The Digital Dentist magazine, Edition 5

Digital Dentistry Keeps Moving Forward

As oral healthcare professionals learn to practice in a post-COVID world one thing has not changed: Their dedication to providing excellent patient care. Digital technology will play an even greater role in care and treatment as it helps teams operate more efficiently.

In this fifth edition of the Digital Dentist magazine, four dental masters share how their digital workflows have helped their practices and their patients in the various dental fields.

22855_Digital_Dentist_Ed_5_Blog_Thumb_1-Saratti_328x200.png Predictability of Result with Digital Workflow in Aesthetic Dentistry
Dr. Carlo Massimo Saratti meets the needs of a patient with high aesthetic expectations with a non-invasive anterior rehabilitation performed with a fully digital workflow.


Endodontic Treatment Preserves Teeth in the Aesthetic Zone
Periapical radiography is essential in endodontics. However, in many clinical situations the information obtained by a 2D radiograph is simply not enough. That’s why, according to Dr. Roberto Aza, endodontists need a CBCT exam to make an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.


Managing Obstructive Sleep Apnoea with a Digital Workflow
Sleep deprivation can compromise a patient's physical and mental wellbeing. Dr. Paul Reaney builds a case for sleep dentistry by providing life-changing treatment for his OSA patients.



3D Imaging Software Functionality is Key to Workflow Efficiency
There’s one thing that Dr. David Bensoussan values more than his new CS 9600 CBCT system: The software that enables him to manipulate his 3D images. In this case study, he shares how the right software has made diagnosing endodontic cases easier

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