Taking CBCT to the Next Level

There are many benefits to implementing cone beam computed technology (CBCT) into your dental practice. CBCT allows you to expedite your dental workflow, help improve your diagnostic capabilities and aid patient understanding by clearly visualizing areas of interest. Not all CBCT systems are the same, so it’s worth investigating the best of the best before making an investment. Luckily, there is a new system that is sure to deliver outstanding precision with versatile features.

Benefits of CBCT

CBCT images are much more detailed than 2D cephalometric images. They allow practitioners to have better accuracy and ensure that you are getting the most reliable radiographs possible. CBCT imaging goes much further than 2D imaging by showing isolated visualization of structures and cross-sectional images made up of multiple thin slices rather than flat images. In one single cone shaped beam rotation, the CBCT captures all the anatomy, subjecting the patient to 10 times less radiation exposure. This thorough and more precise imaging helps to reduce the risks associated with various treatment options including surgery. CBCT has been able to infiltrate every dental specialty over the past few years and has become an important aspect in evaluating skeletal and dental structures.

Revolutionizing the CBCT

There are many CBCT systems to choose from, but what system can set you apart from your competitors? Versatility has become a key component of revolutionizing CBCT imaging today. In the event you want to expand the capabilities of your CBCT, it’s best to choose a system that can take on versatile imaging and add-on software. The CS 9600 includes many features that standard CBCT systems simply don’t have yet. It offers the broadest range of volume sizes and software applications. The CS 9600 allows you to plan and present treatment options and makes sharing images easy. A few of its unique features include:

  • Live Positioning Assistant. Patients are positioned using video cameras to improve outcomes and reduces retakes.
  • SmartPadThis user-friendly touch-screen assists with exam setup and image quality control.
  • Interactive Positioning Accessories. Includes color-coded accessories and a dedicated jewelry tray
  • Versatile Multi-functional Systems. Includes versatile imaging suitable for all fields. Options include CBCT Imaging, Panoramic Imaging, Cephalometric Imaging*, 3D Facial Scanning*, and CBCT Object Scanning*
  • CS Advantage/CS Upstream Integration. CS Advantage is a premium service program that provides a full array of service, support and warranty options. CS Upstream is an exclusive option within CS Advantage and is an innovative, 24/7 advanced monitoring service that tracks historical behavior of your equipment in real time.

Its customizable and scalable design provides the flexibility necessary to meet all of your clinical needs today and to grow with your practice in the future. Want to see for yourself? Click here to watch the CS 9600 demo videos and witness its capabilities with your own eyes.

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