[Video] Adding the Personal Touch to Your Imaging Solutions

Incorporating new technology has become more personal than ever. Have you ever wanted elements of various imaging solutions but struggled to find your perfect match? What if you had the possibility of building your own? Now, you can. Choosing standardized imaging solutions is no longer your only option. If each dental specialty has its own needs, a “one size fits all” solution wouldn’t be most ideal.  With new, revolutionized technology, clinicians can now personalize their own imaging solutions catered to their specific requirements.

From choosing your own field of view to your own imaging software, personalizing your own imaging system can be accomplished with just a few clicks. In this video, you will see how simple it is to configure the CS 9600: a versatile and innovative system that features breakthrough technologies for producing high-quality images with intuitive 3D software.

>>> Learn more about the configuration options available to you.

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