Improve Restorative Workflows with Smart-shade Technology

We live in a world preoccupied with aesthetics. With the dawn of the selfie and the proliferation of social media, people more concerned than ever before with the quality of their smile. The importance for patients to have highly aesthetic maxillary centrals, incisors and cuspids is at an all-time high, which dramatically impacts patient expectations for restorative outcomes when the need for dental work arises.

 In fact, a paper published by The Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research—Impact of Dental Disorders and its Influence on Self Esteem Levels among Adolescents—found a significant association between self-esteem and perceived dental aesthetics, with the authors noting “abnormalities in the aesthetic zone affects adolescents psychosocially, which, in turn, may reduce their self-esteem.”

With so much emphasis on beauty, today’s discerning dental professionals have their work cut out for them. Not only do they need to focus on restorative fit and function, but they must produce results that are also aesthetically pleasing, with tooth shades that match the adjoining teeth with minimal contrast. Finding the perfect shade match for a restoration is more critical than ever before.

Carestream Dental’s CS 3700 intraoral scanner has revolutionized shade matching technology. The CS 3700 uses active triangulation and BRDF, or bidirectional reflectance distribution function, to collect shade values from 3D surfaces factoring variations in lighting conditions.1 Unlike systems that capture the RGB value from a stored mesh, the CS 3700 measures the true material properties directly from the tooth without the influence of the scanner, resulting in more accurate color measurement. Thanks to triangulation, there is no strict orientation requirement, and the scanner can capture the tooth shade as the scanner orientation changes. An additional benefit of triangulation and BRDF is greater color dimension.2

See the scanner’s smart-shade matching technology in action.

The CS 3700's patented smart-shade matching system uses multiple views while factoring in illumination for more accurate color matching. Combined with faster scanning, effortless workflow flexibility and ergonomic design, the restorative possibilities are endless.

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2Goesele, Michael. Capturing Reflectance from Theory to Practice. GRIS, TU Darmstadt. 2007

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