The story behind the smile.

Behind every smile, there’s a story. Of an obstacle overcome.  
A challenge accepted. A workflow streamlined. A life changed.
Not only from the perspective of the patient, but also from those
of you who create those smiles. And we’re proud to play a key
part in those stories.


We're changing lives with disruptive dentistry.

-Dr. Miguel Stanley

Read how Dr. Stanley is using the 100% digital workflow to change the lives of his patients as well as his staff.

It means I can offer better care, quicker.

-Dr. Nicolas Boutin

Read how Dr. Boutin is using new technology to streamline his workflow while still delivering improved outcomes for his patients.

The digital workflow improved my smile as well. 

-Dr. Beat R. Kurt

Read how Dr. Kurt combines the best in digital dentistry with a highly talented staff to give his patients great outcomes in the most comfortable manner possible.


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