CS OrthoTrac Cloud

CS OrthoTrac is the practice management software that’s designed to help orthodontists build and maintain a productive practice.

Your all-access practice management solution


"I have a satellite office; in the past, I had to extract my data and take it to the satellite office and restore it there" ".....with CS OrthoTrac Cloud, that’s not an issue because as long as you can access the Internet, you can access your data. 

-Jere W. Crenshaw, D.D.S.
Union City, TN


“My favorite feature of CS OrthoTrac Cloud is the ease-of-use. It’s just as easy and fast as a local-based server and so the only difference is one extra click when you launch the software."

-Dr. McKeta, DMD
Bay Tree Orthodontics
Mt. Pleasant, SC


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