The Digital Dentist magazine, Edition 7

Precision for every decision

Dr. Giuliano Fragola discusses his experience with a challenging case, emphasising the importance of precision in every decision. He highlights how the utilisation of the CS 8200 3D NEO Edition enabled him to obtain a comprehensive view of the situation, leading to the appropriate treatment plan. Additionally, Dr. Hubertus Schindler explores the application of both 2D and 3D imaging in a case involving impacted wisdom teeth. Dr. Yorgov shares insights into the utilisation of artificial intelligence (AI) with AI Insights, showcasing its role in enhancing radiography diagnosis.

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In this case study, Dr. Giuliano Fragola, demonstrates by using 3D imaging technology, specifically the CS 8200 3D NEO edition, he was able to accurately diagnose the issue and formulate an effective treatment plan for his patient experiencing significant pain.  His use of imaging showcases the impact it can have on enhancing patient care and outcomes.

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In a specific case involving a patient's discomfort related to their wisdom teeth, Dr. Schindler effectively utilised a combination of 2D and 3D imaging techniques. This helped him better understand the underlying issue and enabled him to communicate the diagnosis and treatment options to the patient.

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Dr. Ferchero showcases the valuable role played by both 2D and 3D imaging in his diagnosis and subsequent endodontic treatment.  This multi-dimensional perspective allowed for a more accurate diagnosis and informed treatment plan.


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Dr. Yorgov takes the opportunity to shed light on the trending topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its relevance in the dental field. In particular, he presents an overview of the latest findings by introducing a new software called AI Insights.

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As we commemorate the 40th anniversary of RVG (RadioVisioGraphy) technology, we delve into its origins, tracing back to a pivotal question posed by Dr. Francis Mouyen. Driven by the curiosity and a desire for progress, he inquired, "How can we possess advanced technology to send individuals into space while still relying on film for X-rays?"

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