Hardware Meets Software at The Global Oral Health Summit

There are a number of technological advancements dentistry has made over the years. From CBCT imaging to cloud-based software, dental hardware and software have made their strides in digital dentistry. Although they are separately fundamental aspects of treatment and diagnosis, their integration significantly benefits clinical performance and patient satisfaction. Dental hardware and software often go hand-in-hand and are crucial for effectively running an office.

Whether you’re thinking about purchasing the latest extraoral equipment or currently using dental practice management software ─such As CS WinOMS or CS SoftDent─ the Global Oral Health Summit is where attendees can delve into the ins and outs of the latest dental technology. The Summit is designed to help attendees identify and meet the needs of their practice while exploring recent innovations in the industry. This unparalleled educational experience will showcase the importance of successful hardware and software integrations and its impact on practice efficiency and patient outcomes.

Intraoral and extraoral dental hardware is an integral part of patient communication and routine operations. To continue to meet the needs of doctors with customer-centric workflows, Carestream Dental recently introduced its latest intraoral scanner, the CS 3700 with CS ScanFlow. The CS 3700 delivers a high-performance scanning experience that is practitioner and patient-centric. The scanner includes unique smart-shade matching that automatically detects enamel color for an ideal match. As an upgrade from the CS 3600, the CS 3700’s turbo scanning speed can scan an in vitro single arche (model) in 30 seconds[1]. By combining its ergonomic design with optimal scanning capabilities, it is the definition of sophisticated, innovative technology.

The CS 3700 is a perfect example of how hardware meets software with the integration of CS ScanFlow. CS ScanFlow is an intraoral scanning acquisition and processing software compatible with both the CS 3600 and CS 3700 intraoral scanners. It provides an entirely new scanning design that offers a variety of workflow capacity per scan, faster dataset processing and touchscreen capabilities. CS ScanFlow also provides advanced refinement options, including Mesh Cleanup and Model Builder for the addition of a base for model printing. Whether a patient needs a restoration, implant or orthodontic treatment, doctors can benefit from CS ScanFlow’s unrestricted workflows. The CS 3700 and CS ScanFlow integration is a perfect example of how hardware and software can provide a seamless scanning experience.

Imaging software is a great facilitator of patient-lab communication. While clinical details are important, practice management software is essential for dental care services. Practice management systems make tasks like data storing, billing, scheduling, and other administrative duties easy and efficient. Since practice management systems are at the core of daily operations, the Global Oral Health Summit is supporting current and potential Carestream Dental practice management software users with hands-on, customized training sessions. The various training classes will focus on CS Oral/Ortho Imaging, CS OrthoTrac, CS PracticeWorks, CS SoftDent, CS WinOMS, and CS Dental Imaging software.

The Summit will also feature other sessions centered on dental practice management including:

  • “CS SoftDent: Increasing the Accuracy of Your Insurance Estimates”

  • “CS WinOMS: Data Entry Impact on Reports and Report Customization using Excel”

  • “CS OrthoTrac: Top Reports Every Office Should Run Regularly”

  • “CS PracticeWorks: Top Tools and Tips You Aren’t Using But Should Be”

  • “CS OrthoTrac: Implementing a Smarter Clinical Workflow”

  • “CS SoftDent: Scheduling-Filling the Gaps”

  • “CS WinOMS: Treatment Planning”

  • “CS WinOMS: Recycle Your EMR Workflow”

Carestream Dental understands the importance of transforming dentistry, simplifying technology, and changing lives. Since the launch of their latest CBCT system, the CS 9600, it has received the 2019 Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award. This award confirms the diagnostic and clinical impact the CS 9600 has made for doctors and their workflows.  Its breakthrough imaging and intuitive 3D software demonstrates a best-in-class example of hardware and software integration.

It’s no secret that dental hardware and software help streamline digital solutions. At the Global Oral Health Summit, attendees can experience demos, browse Carestream Dental products, and exchange ideas with support staff and exhibiting partners. This year’s Summit will take place November 7-9, 2019 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee. It is the premier place to be for practice management users, clinicians and industry leaders. To learn more about the extensive three-day program and other details, please visit https://carestreamdental.com/globalsummit.

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[1] When recommended PC configuration is used; in vitro test performed on a model.

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