“When I decided to add cephalometric imaging capabilities to my new orthodontic office, I opted for a CS 8100SC, which enables me to perform both panoramic and cephalometric imaging without changing the sensor between scans. It’s a very quick machine. Positioning the patient to take the scan is extremely easy and straight forward. Then being able to switch between pan and ceph so simply is a real advantage. When you combine that with the interface, you’ve got a real time-saver.

Training on the system is almost unnecessary because of how straightforward and intuitive the user interface is. The screen is clutter free, and when you set up for the x-ray, it’s simple to choose the right options for the image you’re about to take. I demonstrated the system to my treatment coordinator one time and then supervised her using it one time. There was never a reason for review.

I honestly didn’t know that the technology for automatic tracing existed. To generate tracing instantly is incredible. It’s the kind of task that, with just a little training, you could delegate to your staff very easily. It’s an amazing piece of software. Since the tracings are automatic, I can present every case with a fully traced cephalometric image, which has definitely had a positive impact in building trust with my patients.

I wasn’t really sure where we would set up the system. But the installation team, who was very professional, courteous and flexible, helped me make that decision. The 8100SC is actually small enough to fit in a small, triangular storage closet, which is where we will relocate it to. I would have chosen that spot to begin with if I’d realized just how compact the system is.

My patients see the system and love its sleek, futuristic look. But to me, clearly, the user interface is the best feature.”

-Dr. M. Noam Green 
Decatur, GA, USA 


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