"My name is Dr. Boris Sonnenberg, specialist in orthodontics and owner of the Sonnenberg Orthodontic practice here in the heart of Stuttgart. 

We have had the Carestream CS 8100SC for approximately six months, and are very happy with the unit. The CS 8100SC is very fast and delivers brilliant images with its advanced processing abilities. The fact that it is very fast creates extra comfort for the patient. Orthodontic exams are never fun for patients, so if the scanning is faster, it makes the entire experience easier and makes patients happier. 

In orthodontics, there has been talk about automatic tracing and now it has finally become a reality. In my opinion, Carestream has succeeded in providing the necessary system for automatic tracing that I trust more than tracing with the human eye. 

Through the variability of different filters and parameters, the doctor can identify the structures of interest and provide a very good diagnosis. 

The CS 8100SC is very comfortable for the patient, but also for the dentist and staff." 

-Dr. Boris Sonnenberg 
Stuttgart, Germany 


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