"We enjoy using CS WinOMS Cloud practice management solution because now our remote offices have the ability to use the full functionality of CS WinOMS through the cloud instead of routing through our main office. For example, they can view 3D images and access them from the cloud.

Now, with the cloud, the doctors have the ability to immediately access CS WinOMS—looking up reports or patient records before they order a prescription—from home or a remote location. That was something they couldn’t do before, and are thrilled that they can do now.

Ultimately, WinOMS Cloud lightens up my workload. I no longer have to remember to set up weekly data backups, because they are automatically happening on the cloud. Software updates are a breeze with the cloud. It’s nice to know these items are being taken care of by professionals so I no longer have to remember to do them myself. I was anxious to get rid of those tasks and now I have!

The amount of effort the Carestream Dental support team put in—the amount of time and preparation they had, getting us from on-premise to the cloud—was phenomenal. They held my hand every step of the way; I always knew I had support right there. They really worked every detail through, testing and retesting to make sure it was a smooth transition.”

-Kate Bean
Central Mass Oral Surgery
Leominster, MA


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