Introducing CS Model+ v4

The sophisticated patient monitoring solution

We are pleased to announce the launch of CS Model+ v4.0, which features updates based entirely on feedback from customers like you. This evolution of our CS Model+ software automatically analyzes patients’ digital models, proposes setups, facilitates patient monitoring, prepares files for printing and produces fully customizable reports within minutes.

Our automatic segmentation continues to improve thanks to artificial intelligence

CS Model+ is highly regarded in the industry, thanks to its ability to propose an analysis of the patient’s anatomy in approximately one minute. The automated proposal includes:

  • Detection and segmentation of teeth

  • Labeling of the patient’s dentition

  • Computation of mesio-distal orientations

The automatic segmentation in previous versions of CS Model+ was proven to be more than 80% accurate, but we felt it was important to push the software’s teeth detection capabilities even further to address more complex cases. We are proud to announce that—by leveraging the use of artificial intelligence (AI) —the automatic tooth detection success rate has increased from more than 80% to more than 90%.  More accurate tooth identification means less time spent on manual adjustments.

CS Model+ is an ideal communication tool to help patients visualize and understand treatment and can display a setup proposal in approximately one minute.

Thanks to patient monitoring, practitioners can visualize the evolution of the patient’s dental situation, the progress of the treatment or the deviation from the plan—in the blink of an eye.

When you’ve captured multiple bites during the intraoral scanning acquisition process, you can now import the bites into CS Model+ and toggle between the various displays.

Save time by leveraging your patient’s final dataset when planning relapse treatment to redefine the treatment steps based on the patient’s previous clinical outcome. 

You can now define your 3D export option preferences in CS Model+ have been expanded and now include ABO base, reduced base, no base and the current acquisition.

CS Model+ allows you to define more accurate midline discrepancies when the midline discrepancy is so great that it falls outside the parameters for a normal midline.

Collecting ongoing feedback and adapting our solutions to meet your needs is essential, so we have integrated evolutionary requests from practitioners, like you, into this version. 

  • We have corrected translation issues and have made improvements to the graphics throughout the software to improve your experience.

  • You can now adapt the date in reports based on your preferences and choose from DD/MM/YY or WW/DD/YY formatting.

  • We’ve revamped the setup options to make it easier for you to quickly understand which parameters can be used to adapt and play your setups.

  • We’ve made it easier for you to import 3D scanned datasets and supporting images like panoramic and cephalometric images.

CS Advantage subscribers will automatically receive an email with the link to download CS Model+. Customers who are not currently enrolled in a CS Advantage plan but would like to upgrade to CS Model+ can make a one-time software upgrade purchase through Carestream Dental.

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