Digital + Conventional
in a most impressive merger.
Behold the CS 3600 with new acquisition software.
Featuring Hybrid Scan Workflow, faster scanning speeds, and a choice of sound options. Keep on scrolling to learn about these innovative new features.
Patent Pending

Hybrid Scan Workflow

The patent-pending Hybrid Scan Workflow captures even the most challenging margin lines, so restorative dentists can obtain complete captures for better-fitting prosthetics.

scan in vivo preparation
mark margin lines
scan impression
view merged data

Faster Scans

Improvements to scan-acquisition software facilitate a smoother and speedier scanning process.

Up to 22% faster
Reduced CPU usage by 20-50%

*Internal test conducted using automated testing tool that simulated the 3D mesh construction and display process. Scan speed improvement is between 13%-22% and varies by system configuration. Speed improvement does not factor in scanning skills.

Customize Sound

Choose a custom groove for scans by adding your own WAV file. Or, select a variety of other audio cues or no sound.


Semi-automated Bite Adjustment

Smart software recalculates a bite based on selected contact points on the occlusal surface.


Preparation Check

Allows for the superimposition of pre- and postpreparation scans to perform distance measurements and to verify that the preparation meets material requirements.


Multiple Bite Capture

Capture up to three different bite registrations such as normal, open and protruded to assist in the design and manufacture of sleep devices.


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