CS 3600
Single-use disposable tips.
Indisposable peace of mind.
Introducing single-use disposable tips for your CS 3600 intraoral scanner
Previously only available for corporate accounts, we’re extending availability of our single-use disposable tips to all CS 3600 customers given the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). 
We are not only making them
but we are also
significantly discounting them to
help you address your practice’s
needs during this crucial time.
Provide your patients with an additional level of comfort and security while providing maximum protection against cross-contamination with single-use disposable tips for your CS 3600 intraoral scanner. Using appropriate protective equipment―such as disposable tips― can help ease your patients’ minds about returning to your dental practice for pending dental procedures.

Single-use tips can reduce time spent on equipment management as well as reduce costs on materials used for the decontamination and sterilization process of reusable tips.
Our disposable tips are available in the normal tip configuration and can be purchased online in quantities of 200 per package.  Take advantage of our special COVID-19 pricing today.

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