Finally, a practice management platform built for the real world

Meet the practice management platform you built.

Nobody knows the needs of your practice like you and your staff. That’s why we turned to you to help us create the most comprehensive practice management platform in the industry: Care Management Platform.  One platform that masterfully accommodates the need of both general dentists and orthodontists—and features the qualities that you asked for: user-focused design, inherent scalability, advanced multitasking and incredible business functionality.

From patient flow to workflow, you inspired an incredible platform.

*Orthodontic functionality is a work in progress; additional fees may apply.

Keep interruptions from becoming disruptions.

The front desk environment is, by nature, fraught with interruptions. You’re rescheduling one patient, pulling billing for another all while checking patients in and out.

These disruptions are part of your job. Making them less disruptive is part of ours.

Optimized multitasking
Tab-based design and integrated global patient search means you can multitask without losing your place in the software

Intuitive design
Built to be so easy to master, most users can learn to perform core job tasks in less than an hour, saving you time and money on training.

Streamlined checkout
Once appointments are complete, patients are added to the checkout queue in real time so their checkout details are readily available.

Makes even difficult cases easier to chart.

Patient charts are supposed to be sources of information and input—not obstacles to managing the case in front of you. Care Management Platform lets you chart the way you want, with simple, seamless and intuitive chairside access to patient information

A more holistic patient journey
Save time on frequently performed tasks, thanks to a design that was built on the highest value workflows.

Seamless scheduling
Schedule across multiple locations with ease, because patient information is one click away—or less.

Single platform, multiple uses  
Track all patient clinical and financial information from a single record; create multiple treatment plans from one chart.

Where DDS meets MBA.

You have patients to care for. But you also have a practice to manage. And Care Management Platform was developed with those objectives in mind. With real-time dashboards, revenue cycle management, built-in scalability and a number of other valuable business tools.  Care Management Platform delivers the perfect balance between business functionality and clinical brilliance.



Provides a birds-eye view of the enterprise, with actionable reporting in real-time



Intuitive, user-friendly cloud-based system is easily scalable, enabling robust practice growth with no IT infrastructure necessary



Improved security and disaster recovery tools keep data protected, reliable and safe



Features automatic updates―typically released each week―and heavy input from our customers, so users play a role in future design 

Anytime, anywhere access. 

Cloud access means you can work from different locations and still have access to data for any office, from a central location.   With full redundancy built into every level, customers have uninterrupted service 24/7.

Access Care Management Platform when you need it from a variety of devices―all you need is internet access.

Easily accessible*
Seamless integration with CS Imaging v8 means your images are easily accessible from the patient’s chart.

Rapid and reliable
Enjoy fast access and retrieval of your images, whether you’re chairside or taking a patient emergency call on a weekend.

Images where you need them*
Cloud imaging allows 24/7 access to all clinical records, including patient attachments and digital radiographs.

One platform.  Many uses.

Now, there’s a single, brilliant option for dentists, orthodontists—and practices that care for the patients of both. No workaround required. Care Management Platform tracks both general dental and orthodontic patient treatment.  Not only does this facilitate communication between dentists and referrals, but it helps to support group practices that offer dental, periodontal, pedodontic and orthodontic treatment. 

Orthodontic-focused functionality.*

Today’s orthodontic practices have a lot going on, and are in need of software that facilitates a smooth visit for every single patient. Care Management Platform is up to the task. Easy access to treatment costs, contract totals and payment information enables you to quickly provide a complete financial picture for your patients. Comprehensive aligner tracking takes the guess work out of tracking aligners and monitoring compliance.

**Orthodontic functionality is a work in progress. Additional fees may apply. 

Comprehensive aligner tracking
Enjoy real-time documenting and tracking of up to 99 aligners, providing the ultimate oversight for your patient’s aligner therapy.


Structured treatment planning
Care Management Platform’s up-to-the-minute user interface saves time with effortless documentation options for comprehensive orthodontic treatment plans.

Simplified contracts
In real-time, automatically adjust the discount, down payment, number of payments, frequency to help you see how each affect the proposed payment schedule.

*Additional fees may apply


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