Learn about the latest innovations to be showcased at this year's IDS

CS 3600: The smarter way to scan

With intuitive and accurate scanning, the CS 3600 gives you the ability to create vibrant, full HD 3D color images. You and your patients move quickly and comfortably from exam to treatment. 

CS 3100: Making one-appointment restorations a reality in your practice

The CS 3100 allows you to expand your chairside restorative treatment options and deliver aesthetic, accurate and durable restorations.

CS 9600: So smart, yet so simple

The CS 9600 5-in-1 CBCT scanner features breakthrough innovations to ensure correct patient positioning and highly accurate scanning. You’ll benefit from high-quality images, flexible fields of view and at a low dose. 

CS UpStream

Turn your CS 9600 system into a connected device and take service and support to a whole new level with CS UpStream.


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