In its 4th year, Carestream Dental’s Global Oral Health Summit is the premier education and networking event for dental practice management software users and those considering using our software within their practice. Held each fall, Summit is a collaborative learning experience, uniting oral health professionals across all specialties and skill levels. Summit is a two-and-a-half day event, where over 1,000 participants (attendees, exhibitors, supporting staff) converge to recharge and enlighten themselves with new ways to tackle everyday challenges, discover the latest industry trends and explore innovations in diagnostic techniques and learn more about their Carestream Dental products and services.

Our program features opportunities for self-guided and participatory learning based on your comfort level. The education program is comprised of a variety of session types with topics areas that align with the workflow of your practice - what’s trending in the industry, ideal solutions, keynote sessions, customer perspectives, future views, customized training experiences (partnering sessions with our trainers) and exhibits.

A major benefit, outside of the incredible education program and networking offered at Summit, attendees also have the ability to interact with Carestream Dental Executive leaders, support staff, trainers, sales and product developers to ensure their products meet the needs of their practice and can ensure they are using them to the fullest capacity.

2019 Global Oral Health Summit

The Global Oral Health Summit will be held Thursday, November 7 – Saturday, November 9, 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee. For additional information on this year's meeting, please visit:

Who Should Attend?

No matter your skill level or learning style—from the doctor to the newest staff member—the program features opportunities for self-guided and participatory learning based on your comfort level. A variety of session types align with the workflow of your practice and cover what’s trending in the industry; ideal solutions; keynote sessions; customer perspectives; future views; customized training experiences (partnering sessions with our trainers) and exhibits.


If seeking more information about the 2019 Global Oral Health Summit and if it’s meant for you and/or your practice, contact us at by phone at 1.800.944.6365 or by email for additional information.

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Additional Information

Session Recordings

Session Recordings

Whether you missed the Global Oral Health Summit or couldn't make it to all the sessions on your list, you can still catch up on what you had missed through the official Summit library-online at your convenience. CLICK HERE to join the 2018 Global Oral Health Summit Exchange group to access session recordings from the Global Oral Health Summit. 

Future Summit Destinations

Future Summit Destinations

  • 2019: Nashville, TN - November 7-9, 2019

Past Summit Destinations

Past Summit Destinations 

  • 2018: Dallas, TX - November 9-11, 2018

  • 2017: Orlando, FL - November 10-12, 2017

  • 2016: Las Vegas, NV - November 10-13, 2016

Claiming CE Credit

Claiming CE Credit

Carestream Dental designates the Global Oral Health Summit (live activity) for CE Credit in accordance to the Academy of General Dentistry. Oral health professionals should claim credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

Education Program maximum: 13 credits available.

While not all sessions are eligible for CE credit, the total number of credits a participant can earn is 13. Credit will be awarded to oral health professionals when documented by the submission of the Summit Program Evaluation. Please make sure you complete the program evaluation and attend the session in its entirety to obtain full credit.

Carestream Dental is not accredited to offer credit for all practicing oral health professionals. To determine if activities designated for CE credit are acceptable for your licensing or crediting needs, please contact your credentialing body directly.

Call 1.800.944.6365 or email for additional information


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