Carestream Dental Partner Program
A partnership for better practice management
We care about innovation.
At Carestream Dental, we’re all about innovative thinking. In fact, we’re constantly looking for the next innovation. That’s what the Partner Program is all about: inviting third-party vendors to integrate their thinking with ours in order to create a better practice management solution.
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A new portal for new partnerships.

Thanks to the new Partner Program portal, third-party vendors now have a better way to submit their software modules for consideration by Carestream Dental. Examples of modules we’re interested in reviewing include those focused on patient engagement, workflow optimization, revenue cycle management, data and analytics, and clinical functionality. So, got an idea you think will add value to our practice management software? Share it now.

Partner Program Levels

The process for becoming a member of the Carestream Dental Partnership Program is very selective, but can also be very rewarding. If your module meets our tough standards and is chosen for integration into our practice management software, you can expect the following:

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Access Partner Level

All Partners receive access to the following:

  • Release Advance Access
  • Read Access
  • Website Placement
  • Invitation to Global Oral Health Summit
  • Carestream Dental Partner Certification Badge
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Integration Partner Level

All benefits of Access Partner Level, plus:

  • A deeper read-write integration with enhanced technical collaboration and documentation
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Development Partner Level

All benefits of the other levels, plus:

  • Priority advanced access
  • Read Access
  • Roadmap input and collaboration
  • Customized set of co-marketing, press, and lead-generation offerings

Our seal of approval.

Once an innovation is reviewed, tested, approved and certified by our software development team, companies will receive a seal to display on their website identifying them as a certified third-party Carestream Dental software partner.

I would like to propose a solution to Carestream Dental's Practice Management Software.

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