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PPE: Face Shields - Standard
SKU number: 1758880
• Lightweight, comfortable and secure to wear • Fog-resistant, single use face shields • Can be worn with or without glasses, goggles or loops • Clear 7 mil thickness for maximum visibility and protection • Generous zone of coverage to avoid direct or indirect splatter • Adjustable retention strap for comfort and securityFace Shields Each case contains 50 face shields. Each case ordered contains 50 single use face shields
PPE: Replacement Premium Face Shields
SKU number: 1758878
Clear view and fog-resistant with an optically clear film. The lens has a protective film on both sides to ensure highest visibility with no distortion. Durable and cost-effective with multiple use. Simply clean and disinfect after every use following the enclosed cleaning guidelines. Replacement shield lenses for SKU 175887 only.  Each case ships with 20 replacement lenses.  Image shows the complete face shield.
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