Lori Poe

Lori Poe has enjoyed her career as a dental professional for more than 30 years. She received her dental hygiene degree from the Loyola University School of Dentistry near Chicago and a Bachelor of Science in Health Arts from the University of St. Francis. Lori spent more than 25 years in the dental office with a focus on clinical applications. In practices using software charting modules, she developed and implemented soft tissue management programs. Lori became interested in training other practices when she started using digital imaging.

Lori joined Carestream Dental in 2005 as an Application Specialist. She shares her dental knowledge and practical application of imaging software, digital sensors, and 3D imaging. Lori’s specialty is connecting with clients who have limited computer experience. She uses compassion and humor to help clients feel comfortable and confident in their learning process. Lori loves connecting with clients when they realize the possibilities that they have with Carestream Dental's innovative solutions. 


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