Patricia Gould

Pat Gould is a Registered Nurse with a Master’s Degree in Nursing Education. She has extensive teaching experience in nursing and office administration, insurance, billing, and coding. She worked in a two-doctor oral and maxillofacial surgery practice for more than ten years, and she used CS WinOMS practice management software during that time.

For many years, Pat attended the oral surgery users’ conference as an end user and found the meetings to be invaluable in staying current with the software. Her desire to share her experiences led her to the Carestream Dental team; and she joined the team in 2010 as an Application Specialist. Pat is able to combine her strong teaching skills with her practical knowledge of CS WinOMS software to assist teams in integrating the software into their practice. Pat’s goal is to help make the transition into the digital age as smooth as possible. 


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