Paula Smith

Paula has been helping orthodontic practices improve their success and increase value of their dental practices for over 25 years. Paula started her career in the dental industry in a highly competitive market in Salt Lake City, Utah. Over the last 25 years, she has utilized her skills and passion as a dental assistant, scheduling coordinator, financial coordinator, treatment coordinator and not to mention consulting background to coach clients in mastering dental technology to improve profit, enhance patient care and increase patient satisfaction while building enthusiasm for the practice.

Along with enjoying the excitement that comes from the evolution of technology in the dental world, Paula is involved in Tennis to keep up with her competitive nature and yoga to balance and maintain flexibility in all aspects of life.

Joining Carestream Dental was a blessing and an affirmation of her commitment to teaching others how to apply advanced technologies to improve patient care and treatment quality within the dental community and, in turn, increase passion for what we do. 


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