Shannon Gardner

Shannon Gardner was born into a life of dentistry. Her father is a dentist, and she learned the business from the ground up. In her thirty years in dentistry, Shannon has worked as a lab tech, sterilization tech, expanded duty dental assistant, treatment coordinator, and practice manager for a large specialty practice. She graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in business administration with two areas of emphasis: marketing and international business.

 While guiding her last practice through the conversion process to CS PracticeWorks Software, Shannon discovered an aptitude for working with the software and teaching others. From there, she consulted and was a contract trainer until she joined the Carestream Dental Application Specialist team in 2000. Shannon moved into her current role as a manager in 2004. She leads a team of imaging Application Specialists who train our clients on 2D and 3D imaging software and hardware. Shannon also shares her clinical expertise in the development of our imaging training.


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