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Number of statements sent per month.
Current Statement Costs:
The numbers entered are standard costs. Please change to reflect the totals from your practice. Please tab after each entry for calculations. Please enter the amount you pay for:
Supply Costs:
Statement Forms $
Outgoing Envelopes $
Return Envelopes $
Equipment Costs:
Ink, Maintenance, Rental Charges, etc. $
Labor Costs:
Statement Printing/ Sort/ Fold/ Insert/ Mail $
Based On Hours of Labor
With a Labor Rate of $ $
Postage Costs:
First Class Mail Rate (per statement) $
Total Current Statement Costs $
Less Electronic Statement Cost via Automated Statement Service $
SAVINGS (Per statement) $
SAVINGS (Monthly) $
SAVINGS (Annual) $

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Calculations are made based on certain assumptions that may not be accurate. Carestream Dental and their affiliates, do not guarantee that the savings that may be achieved with the use of the electronic claim processing service will equal those shown by this calculator.