How much can your office save?
Your Office
Your average daily patient volume:   
The percentage of your patients covered by insurance:  %
The total days in a week you see patients:   
The total weeks in a year you see patients:   
The number of full-time employees doing your billing:   
The average annual salary of your billing employee(s): $ 
Based on these numbers, we calculated:
Your total annual insurance claim volume:   
Your billing employee(s) per minute salary rate: $ 

Savings Realized...Paper vs. Electronic:
Annual cost of paper billing - (approx. 5 minutes to generate claim and place it in an envelope): $ 
Approx. cost of form and envelope - ($0.10 aggregate per mailing): $ 
Postage (assumes 10 claims per insurance carrier in a large envelope costing $2.00 to mail): $ 
Total annual costs associated with submitting claims and encounter forms: $ 
Total time resources saved per year by electronic claims processing service submission: $ 
Total annual resource days saved by electronic claims processing service submission (days):   
Annual cost of electronic submission - (approx. 2 minutes to generate the claim and transmit): $ 
Average clearinghouse fee: $ per claim.
Annual clearinghouse fee: $ 
Total annual costs associated with submitting claims and encounter forms: $ 

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Calculations are made based on certain assumptions that may not be accurate. Carestream Dental and their affiliates, do not guarantee that the savings that may be achieved with the use of the electronic claim processing service will equal those shown by this calculator.


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