Information About ICD-10 Codes

Information about ICD-10 Codes* 

Beginning October 2015, all medical insurance claims will require that the new ICD-10 codes be used. For more information on ICD-10, please refer to information on CMS.

ICD-10 News for Carestream Dental Practice Management Software

Other ICD-10 Resources: 

  • To view workshops and webinars on incorporating ICD-10 into your practice management, click here

  • For more information about ICD-10 and your practice management software, register for one of our complimentary webinars.

*Carestream Dental employees are not certified in medical coding; therefore we are unable to provide any recommendations on medical diagnosis coding. We will provide assistance on how to utilize the ICD-10 codes in our Practice Management Software, but diagnosis information should be obtained from a medical coding specialist.


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