Share CBCT Scans Easily, Instantly and Securely with Imaging Case Collaboration (ICC) Application

Register for this webinar to receive an introduction to ICC Cloud Computing Solution.

Participants will learn:

  • How to upload and share a DICOM file with a referrer simply by using their email address.

  • How to navigate the 3D viewer on Windows or Mac.

  • How to add notes by sending and receiving doctor.

  • How to use the mobile application.

17 Jun 2021

7:00 PM - 7:45 PM (EST)

Phil Leinberger Carestream Dental Senior Account Executive Phil Leinberger is passionate about building relationships and educating doctors on Carestream Dental solutions. He uses his 17 years of experience to ensure Carestream Dental’s customers are successful by continuous training and education. When he’s not serving New Jersey and New York as the senior account executive, he acts as the sales training specialist for US & Canada where he is responsible for development and implementation of the company’s sales educational sessions. Phil’s YouTube channel (Phil Leinberger – Carestream Dental Education) is a wealth of knowledge that arms Carestream Dental users with the tools they need to streamline using digital solutions in practice. He is also the admin of the 7,000-member-strong Carestream Dental Digital Dentistry Facebook group that’s users focus on sharing experiences, learning and supporting each other.


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