CS 8100 Recognized by The Dental Advisor for Second Year in a Row, Third Time Since Launch

The award-winning CS 8100 panoramic imaging system is once again adding to its list of accolades with Top Panoramic Imaging System as part of The Dental Advisor’s 2015 Product Awards and Preferred Products issue. Winners of each of the 2015 Top Product Awards can be viewed online or in a special January/February 2015 issue of The Dental Advisor.

This is the second year in a row that the CS 8100 has been recognized by The Dental Advisor as Top Panoramic Imaging System of the year. Additionally, the unit received both a top designation of “Excellent 5+” and the Editors’ Choice Award from The Dental Advisor in 2013.

“The CS 8100 launched in the fall of 2012 and immediately received recognition around the world for its ability to make practitioners’ daily work easier and more intuitive,” Ed Shellard, D.M.D, chief commercial officer, Carestream Dental, said. “The fact that it continues to garner awards is a testament to the unit’s ability to streamline the workflow of practices even to this day.”

The ultra-compact CS 8100 digital panoramic system delivers highly detailed and optimally contrasted images. Supporting the day-to-day panoramic imaging needs of practices, the CS 8100’s capabilities include panoramic imaging (for adult and pediatric patients) as well as segmented panoramic, TMJ and maxillary sinus imaging. Plus, the unit is upgradable to 3D to allow a practice’s technology to grow as the needs of its patients do.

The Dental Advisor provides dental professionals with evidence-based and clinically relevant information on dental products and equipment through extensive research. By creating tailored surveys and randomly selecting 20 to 30 clinical consultants to review products, The Dental Advisor reports objective clinical evaluations and product comparisons.

Learn more about the CS 8100’s seven other awards below:

  • The Clinical Innovations India award

For more information about the CS 8100, please call 800.944.6365 or visit www.carestreamdental.com/CS8100.

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