Latest Update to CS Restore Software Improves upon Overall Morphology and Alignment of Crowns

Since being introduced, CS Solutions has been changing the way dentists practice. In order to keep pace with this new technology, CS Restore design software has been updated to provide ongoing improvement to the overall morphology and alignment of crowns.

CS Restore, an exciting newcomer into the field of CAD/CAM restorative dentistry, is a Computer Aided Design (CAD) software that’s part of the CS Solution portfolio of products. The software simplifies and automates the restoration design process, enabling practitioners to create natural and functional single tooth restorations with fewer steps and clicks.

“We’re continuously monitoring our products and software to identify opportunities for improvement and growth,” Joe Andrasko, product line manager, digital imaging and CS Solutions, for Carestream Dental, said. “It’s in light of this that I am excited to announce the availability of the latest version of CS Restore.”

Changes to this new version include more precision and definition on cusps, better crown alignment with adjacent teeth and improvements to occlusion. The automatic occlusion adjustment feature has also been updated to provide a better cusp/fossa relationship and occlusal anatomy.

For greater usability, the initial proposal and general fit of both inlays and onlays have significantly been improved. Also included is an option to “clip” the size of the 3D model on the margin drawing screen. Removing adjacent teeth from the view will help when drawing the margins on inlays.

In addition, new tools have been added to the CS Restore design software. “Free form” tools now allow the user to make adjustments to the restoration, with options that include smooth, increase, decrease and carve. Used in conjunction with the existing features, these tools allow for fast and precise adjustments to the restoration.

This new version is ready for immediate use, and all customers are being proactively contacted in order to have the update applied. Customers can contact Carestream Dental at 866.724.6317 for immediate assistance in updating their software

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