New Dental Summit Offers Practitioners More Networking and Learning Opportunities Than Ever Before

What was once the Dental Users Conference is now the revamped Dental Summit. More than just a name change, the Summit—still taking place in Atlanta, Ga., in early November—has been reimagined with new and exciting updates to benefit all attendees.

Just as at past Users Conferences, the Summit offers a way for Carestream Dental customers and their teams to network with other practices and gain insider tips and tricks about the products they love. However, one major change will be the inclusion of alldental professionals, not only users of Carestream Dental practice management software.

“Opening up the Summit to all dental professionals gives attendees additional networking opportunities,” Mary Conditt, director of clinical affairs, U.S. digital, Carestream Dental, said. “Attendees will walk away feeling more motivated and connected to their peers in the industry.”

The mix of Carestream Dental practice management software users, imaging users and practitioners who are not yet using Carestream Dental products broadens the scope of educational sessions to cover more of the dental industry. The agenda will also see changes with a revised meeting format, including a new guest speaker line-up of renowned industry experts; interactive workshops; and the opportunity for evening excursions so doctors can bond with their team as well as network with other practices.

2014 Dental Summit Info at a Glance

  • Who: Carestream Dental software users, dental imaging users and all other dental professionals

  • What: Educational conference to train staff and doctors on upcoming trends in the dental industry, as well as provide motivational, team bonding and networking time

  • When: Nov. 7-9, 2014

  • Where: The Renaissance Waverly Hotel in Atlanta, Ga.

These changes will also extend to Carestream Dental’s OMS conference, Jan. 24-26, 2015, and Orthodontic conference, March 13-15, 2015, both to be held in Atlanta, Ga.

Stay tuned for more information on these exciting changes, as well as more details about the Dental Summit, and use #csdsummit on Facebook and Twitter for updates leading up to and during the Summit in November.

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