OMS3’s Practice Pilot Enhances CS WinOMS to Help Oral Surgeon’s become the ‘CEO’ of Their Practice

For nearly 20 years, CS WinOMS practice management software has provided the tools oral and maxillofacial surgeons need to effectively manage their practice. The software features medical and dental insurance billing with automatic cross-coding, scheduling and a complete range of tools to help track and maintain patient health.

“CS WinOMS was developed based on input from hundreds of surgeons, and we continue to listen to their feedback,” Logan Driskell, senior product line manager, oral surgery, Carestream Dental, said. “When users asked for more visual representation of important data, we partnered with OMS3 to create the Practice Pilot, which demonstrates key data points specific to the success of a doctor’s practice in a visual manner within CS WinOMS.”

By using data from CS WinOMS, the Practice Pilot is able to provide numerous customizable dashboards to visualize a practice’s key productivity indicators for referrals, collections, provider performance, marketing, procedure code analysis, office performance and to track insurance carriers. Though the Practice Pilot runs separately from CS WinOMS, it is able to manipulate data from within the practice management software database and continually mines data throughout the day to provide the most current information to doctors about their practice.

Employees of OMS3 are members of a multiple doctor, multiple location practice, and understand what tools are necessary to run a successful practice. OMS³ offers customizable solutions to a doctor’s specific situation.

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