PRESS RELEASE: Zuelke Financial Module for CS OrthoTrac Software Grows Practices’ Bottom Line

ATLANTA—Carestream Dental has released the Zuelke Financial Module, a user-friendly, feature-rich add-on module for CS OrthoTrac practice management software to address the issues orthodontic practices face when it comes to financial decision-making.

“Over the years, I noticed that many doctors and staff were underutilizing the capabilities of their practice management software,” Paul Zuelke, designer of the module, said. “Interesting and often highly useful reports were not being used effectively.”

Essentially, the Zuelke module was developed to ensure users are operating their practice management software to the best advantage by enhancing the way practice statistics and patient and insurance accounts are viewed and understood. Most important, built-in safeguards ensure the accuracy of module reports so doctors make the right decisions for their practices with accurate data.

“In most cases, orthodontists aren’t just doctors, but small business owners, too,” Alistair Bruce, general manager, dental practice management software, said. “Though, admittedly, their specialty lies with diagnosing and treating patients, and the business side of a practice can be demanding. The Zuelke Financial Module gives doctors the information and the confidence to make the right financial decisions.”

The module enhances a practice’s ability to track and handle patient and insurance accounts. A highly sophisticated delinquency tracking system lets doctors and their financial coordinators know exactly when a delinquent account needs to be contacted or when a responsible party has failed to keep a promise they made.

Also, reports contained in the Zuelke Financial Module give orthodontists the answers to their financial questions, such as true rate of case acceptance; patients and credit ratings by referral source; average down payment; and the percentage of new starts that pay in full, to name just a few. It also includes separate reports for new patients, recalls and referrals by type and a one page summary of the exams, recalls and starts for the month.

“Doctors will love this new module because all month-end and other statistical reports regarding practice performance are easy to obtain, read and understand,” Zuelke said.

For example, the new Practice Investigator (PI) report instantly identifies simple issues, such as a case fee on a new case start that was never posted or a fee posted on a patient that never started. More important, the PI is also designed to identify major problems such as serious examples of posting errors, hidden patient and/or insurance delinquency, significant insurance problems and transaction patterns that indicate the potential for embezzlement.

Paul Zuelke is president and founder of Zuelke & Associates, Inc. His 10 year professional background in lending and corporate finance, combined with 34+ years of consulting experience with over 1100 client practices located throughout the United States, Canada and Australia, position him as the leading authority in using effective credit granting and credit management to build a quality health care practice.

For more information about the new Zuelke Financial Module or CS OrthoTrac, please call 1.800.944.6365 or visit

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