Q&A with Jeff Urkevich, CS SoftDent Senior Product Line Manager

In November 2013, Carestream Dental welcomed aboard the newest member of its product line management team. Bringing with him more than 20 years of experience in the health information systems industry, Jeff Urkevich came to Carestream Dental to take the helm of CS SoftDent practice management software, and he’s excited for the year ahead. We’ve asked him a few questions so he can tell you in his own words a little about his role with the company and what CS SoftDent customers can expect in 2014.

Jeff, tell us a little about your background and experience before coming to Carestream Dental.

My entire career, 20+ years, has been in the health information systems industry. Most recently, I was a director at a large health network focusing on community health. Prior to that, I was a product line manager with Sage Health. I have an associate degree in information systems, a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and an MBA with dual focus on global business and IT. I am also a certified New Product Development Professional (NPDP) and a member of the Product Development Management Association (PDMA).

 What are your responsibilities in your role as CS SoftDent senior product line manager at Carestream Dental?

As senior product line manager, I am responsible for the overall success of the CS SoftDent product, and by extension, the success of our customers as it relates to CS SoftDent. The product line manager is basically the CEO of the product line, managing the roadmap, new features, release dates, customer satisfaction, competitive alignment and industry trends.

What attributes set CS SoftDent apart from other practice management software options available in the marketplace?

CS SoftDent is a powerful and mature product. It is easy to use and meets the needs of dental professionals all across the United States. Centralized charting, digital photographs and radiographs, financial information, and clinical data are all available at a glance. Office team members find scheduling appointments, charge entry, and checkout processes to be very intuitive within the software. The product is also backed by a knowledgeable support team to help practices get the most from their system.

What has been the primary driver behind the changes in the software?

Customers are the driving force behind changes to CS SoftDent. The professionals who use the software every day provide great ideas for development, so updates to CS SoftDent are driven by their wants and needs. This practice is commonly referred to as “voice of the customer.” We rely on tools, such as Carestream Dental UserVoice to gather these ideas. We also employ direct voice of the customer via one-on-one conversations with customers and customer focus groups to strengthen our ability to maximize the application of customer input.

How can customers share their feedback on and suggestions for CS SoftDent with you?

There are several avenues for customers to provide feedback. Clients can make suggestions through the support team, their sales representative or trainer. However, the very best way to share ideas is via Carestream Dental UserVoice. This site allows customers to suggest new ideas, vote on existing suggestions and interact with other customers to discuss new functionality. I am very active on this site, and I hope to see many more customers using it. 

What can CS SoftDent customers look forward to in 2014?

I am working with our customers, support team and R&D to develop an updated version of CS SoftDent, which we’re planning to have ready later in 2014. I am very excited about it! New features coming to CS SoftDent include: ICD-10 functionality, electronic prescriptions, charting enhancements, and further accessibility to practice files and patient records while away from the office, from any location, with a Cloud version of the software.

Just for fun, what do you do in your spare time (hobbies, interests, etc.)?

I am an outdoor guy. I like hiking, biking, fishing, golfing, etc. I am married and have two teenage boys, and we like to spend a lot of time outside. As a recent transfer from upstate New York, the weather in Atlanta [where Carestream Dental’s U.S. headquarters is located> is much friendlier for these activities.

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