Q&A with Susan Whitt, CS OrthoTrac Senior Product Line Manger

While Carestream Dental employees come from a variety of backgrounds, a number of individuals have joined the company after gaining experience in the dental field. Susan Whitt is one of these employees. With firsthand experience managing dental and orthodontic offices, Susan has the insight necessary to successfully manage practice management and imaging software. Today, she serves as product line manager for CS OrthoTrac, CS Orthodontic Imaging and CS OMS Imaging software for Carestream Dental.

Susan is instrumental in conducting focus groups and working with industry leaders to ensure that the customer’s voice is heard by the development team when making improvements to products. We asked her a few questions so she could tell you in her own words a little about her role with the company and what CS OrthoTrac customers can expect in the future.

Susan, tell us a little about your background and experience before coming to Carestream Dental.

I worked for a general dentist for 11 years as a practice manager; we had three partners and several associates and hygienists. I helped implement their first computer system. After that, I worked for an orthodontist for three years. He was one of the original users of OrthoTrac Classic and did my braces as an adult.

When did you join the Carestream Dental team, and what was your first role?

I joined Carestream Dental in March 1993 in the CS OrthoTrac software support group.

What are your responsibilities in your role as the orthodontic senior product line manager at Carestream Dental?

    • Working with our customers, consultants and industry leaders on the strategy for future updates for CS OrthoTrac and CS Orthodontic Imaging software.

    • Managing the process for the release of these updates within Carestream Dental.

    • Reviewing customer requests for changes to our software.

    • Working with the American Association of Orthodontists and American Dental Association to provide input and meet the changing standards in dental software information.

What attributes set CS OrthoTrac apart from other practice management software options available in the marketplace?

We were the first orthodontic software on the market and with that long history come innovation, stability and dependability. Our software features easy-to-access and accurate reporting that can be run by doctor or location. We offer a full suite of products that integrate with CS OrthoTrac, including imaging software, eServices, digital X-rays, CBCT and an intraoral scanner. Plus, we provide the support for all of these products.

What role does customer feedback have on the development of CS OrthoTrac software?

We listen to our customers and provide a portal for them to give us enhancement suggestions and vote on ideas provided by other practices. We review these ideas with each update and use some of these ideas to improve our products. We also have user conferences each year for our customers and this is another great opportunity for our customers to provide us feedback that we use in future development of CS OrthoTrac.

What can CS OrthoTrac customer look forward to in the future?

The Zuelke Financial Module is in beta now and we are very excited about the new reports in this module and the addition of working insurance delinquency. We are currently working with Practice Genius on an integration for the patient rewards hub, online statements, an interactive recall report and allowing patient, parents and doctors to indicate if they want letters by email. In the future, watch for exciting changes to our treatment card and the addition of eMessaging.

Just for fun, what do you do in your spare time (hobbies, interests, etc.)?

I have two grandsons that I love to spoil! I love to walk and this is my eighth year to lead training walks and participate in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk. My husband and I enjoy traveling in our RV and riding motorcycles. I also serve on the production team at our church.

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