The Healthcare Insider Interviews Alistair Bruce to Discuss Practice Management Software

Alistair Bruce, general manager for Carestream Dental’s practice management software, sat down with The Healthcare Insider hosts, Brent Smith and Todd Youngblood, to discuss the role software is playing in the dental industry. Healthcare Insider podcasts go behind the scenes of the healthcare industry to examine the people, technology and organizations impacting major and significant change in the industry.

During the interview, Alistair touched on the digitization of dental practices; workflow integration; and cloud technology and security, to name just a few topics.

Alistair noted that while doctors graduating today have come to expect advanced software technology to be a part of their practices, doctors late in their careers have not been as quick to digitize. He recommends that doctors choose a reliable vendor, such as Carestream Dental, that can partner with them through the process of digitization, and to also rely on the network of smaller IT companies that provide services exclusively to the medical field.

Workflow integration between Carestream Dental software and existing Carestream Dental products also makes the transition to becoming a modern, paperless practice all the more effortless.

“Practitioners are all about repeatability and the hand-offs and the sequence of events as they serve a patient,” Alistair said. “So that workflow experience is really seamless if you use Carestream Dental equipment for taking your X-rays and you’re also on our practice management software.”

With Carestream Dental’s cloud-based software, dentists also have the option for increased mobility and accessibility; retrieving X-rays or checking appointments can be done from anywhere. Use of the cloud also allows for increased security of sensitive information.

“Most doctors don’t have security guards; four layers of physical security; firewalls; and security specialists on their staff protecting the server.” Alistair said. “We’re very proud of what we’ve done in terms of that cloud security.”

Listen to the complete podcast and hear more of Alistair’s thoughts on dental practice management software here.

Be sure to check out all the available practice management software Carestream Dental has to offer.

  • CS SoftDent Practice Management Software

    Ideal for multi-doctor practices, CS SoftDent software offers in-depth reporting abilities, and also provides additional billing options for offices that participate in Capitation or Managed Care insurance plans, perform medical cross-coding, need multiple fee schedules or subscribe to PPO insurance plans.

  • CS PracticeWorks Practice Management Software

    As our most user-friendly dental practice management solution, CS PracticeWorks software features a full suite of automated, easy-to-use tools to allow for efficiency—making it a perfect solution for single-doctor practices and offices that pay associates based on production.

  • CS OrthoTrac Practice Management Software

    This powerful, yet user-friendly, system tracks appointments, clinical information, billing and patient correspondences with automated tools that help manage daily tasks more easily than ever.

  • CS OrthoTrac Cloud

    Designed to fit seamlessly into any practice, this innovative system gives access to patient files—including images—in real time from any web-connected location. All data is backed up and protected by Carestream Dental.

  • CS WinOMS Practice Management Software

    Designed specifically for oral and maxillofacial surgeons, this robust program provides the essential tools needed to work more efficiently. From automatic cross-coding to detailed reporting, CS WinOMS software has everything necessary to take patient care to the next level.

  • CS WinOMS Cloud

    This dental practice management system and imaging solution allows access to patient files in real time. Data, applications and images are made available regardless of login location or time of day. Carestream Dental also backs up and provides security for this sensitive information.

  • Electronic Health Records
    Carestream Dental and Amazing Charts have teamed up to offer an affordable EHR option for CS PracticeWorks, CS SoftDent and Windent users.

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