CAD/CAM Allows for Restoration of Tooth #14 in Less than One Hour

by Michael T. Kelly, DMD, MAGD, MICOI

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Case Overview

A 38-year-old male patient, with no significant medical conditions, had a failing restoration on the distal of #14 that was previously diagnosed and treatment suggested. He presented to the office for evaluation of a “chip” in his tooth. Tooth #14 (upper left first molar) had recurrent caries under an existing composite restoration with lack of support for the enamel on the DB. He was shown the tooth using an image taken with the CS 1200 intraoral camera.


A tooth-colored bonded DOB onlay was planned. We used Carestream Dental’s CS 3500 intraoral scanner to scan the quadrants before working on tooth #14 while waiting for anesthesia. Once scanned, tooth #14 was cut out of the digital impression. After the preparation was completed, the single tooth was scanned and stitched into the file.

The restoration was designed using the CS Restore software, and the information was sent to the CS 3000 milling machine for fabrication. We used Vita Enamic material to mill the crown, and bonded the restoration using relyx unicem cement. From initial preparation to the final cementation, the restoration took only 49 minutes.

The patient was urged to treat more teeth in the quadrant at the same time and elected not to follow with suggestion.


Intraoral scanners have been a part of my practice since 2002; however, over time, I decided to change to a new system because I didn’t like being locked into one company and being told which labs I could use.

After looking at a number of different solutions, I decided on the CS 3500. The Carestream Dental scanner offers open-format STL files, so I could send the data to the lab of my choice. Not only that, but the scanner is plug and play and doesn’t require a designated computer (or trolley) for use.

To ensure I could help patients who wanted to complete the entire restoration process in one appointment, I also incorporated Carestream Dental’s CS Restore software and CS 3000 milling machine.

The learning curve for the CS Solutions product line was minimal, and I have found that patients are impressed with our new technology. Having the ability to place crowns in one hour has resulted in positive referrals and word of-mouth referrals.


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