PRESS RELEASE: Carestream Dental Adds Several New Enhancements to Its Digital Imaging Solution Portfolio at CDA South

Carestream Dental today showcased two new products at CDA South that expand general practitioners’ diagnostic capabilities and streamline daily workflows—the CS Adapt Module for the RVG 6200 sensor and the CS 8100SC scanning cephalometric imaging system.

The CS Adapt module enhances the RVG 6200 user-experience with 40 filters in 10 predefined filter families, so practitioners can select the perfect filter to suit their visual preference or diagnostic need. In addition to the pre-sets, users can customize images even more by modifying brightness and contrast. Once practitioners have established their customized comfort zone, they can designate up to four filters as default settings, making them accessible with the click of a button.

“No matter how a dentist prefers to view their clinical images—high contrast, smooth or even if they’re accustomed to film—there’s a filter to fit their needs; and, if there’s not a pre-set, they can easily make modifications to get the perfect look,” David Moran, regional product manager, intraoral imaging, Carestream Dental, said. “When the doctor knows they’re looking at the perfect image, they can have more confidence in making a diagnosis and presenting a treatment plan.”

The CS Adapt module is designed to work with Carestream Dental’s RVG 6200. The sensor features an efficient three-step acquisition process—position, expose, view—and does not require time-consuming fine tuning of exposure. The RVG 6200 with CS Adapt is available with three warranty options, including an all-new lifetime warranty.

Carestream Dental is also showcasing the CS 8100SC* scanning cephalometric imaging system, built on the award-winning technology of the CS 8100 panoramic system. The new cephalometric unit expands general practitioners’ ability to diagnose and treat patients without the need to refer them to imaging centers or specialists.

“This is a compact unit that lets doctors add cephalometric imaging to their practice without sacrificing space,” Matthew Greer, regional product manager, extraoral imaging Carestream Dental, said. “Taking a cue from the groundbreaking CS 8100, the CS 8100SC features the same small footprint design concept and the same short exposure times to reduce patient dose and the risk of motion blur.”

The CS 8100SC offers three image sizes—26 x 24 cm, 18 x 24 cm to 18 x 18 cm—and the option to choose from lateral, oblique and frontal views, to name just a few. A high-resolution mode offers the highest image quality, while a fast scan mode provides exposure time that is more than twice as fast as a normal exposure. With the CS 8100SC, there’s no need to manipulate the sensor between exams, as two sensors—one for cephalometric and one for panoramic imaging—come standard. Additionally, practitioners who already own the CS 8100 have the option to upgrade to the CS 8100SC.

CDA South takes place April 30-May 2, 2015, Anaheim Convention Center, Calif. Attendees are encouraged to visit Carestream Dental’s booth #502 to demo CS Adapt Module and learn more about the CS 8100SC. For more information on Carestream Dental’s innovative solutions or to request a product demonstration, call 800.944.6365 or visit

*Work in progress – not available for sale

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