CS 8100SC CLINICAL CASE STUDY: Sophisticated, Yet Simple Panoramic and Cephalometric Imaging

by M. Noam Green, D.M.D.

The CS 8100SC provides the fastest cephalometric scanning in the world, reducing the risk of motion blur and exposure time for the patient. While Dr. Green appreciates this impressive capability, it’s not what he likes most about the CS 8100SC. When asked what his favorite feature is, the response is an enthusiastic one: “It’s the user interface. It is extremely intuitive and easy to use.”

Ease of Use

A new imaging system should streamline your workflow—not complicate it. That’s why Dr. Green opted for the CS 8100SC when he wanted to add cephalometric imaging capabilities to his new practice. His new unit enables him to perform both panoramic and cephalometric imaging without changing the sensor between scans. “It’s a very quick machine. Positioning the patient to take the scan is extremely easy and straight forward. Then being able to switch between pan and ceph so simply is a real advantage. When you combine that with the interface, you’ve got a real time-saver.”

Training: Is That Really Necessary?

When asked if the system training was helpful, Dr. Green’s answer was a surprise. “The training is a joke! It’s almost unnecessary because of how straightforward the machine is to use and how intuitive the user interface is. The screen is clutter free, and when you set up for the x-ray, it’s simple to choose the right options for the image you’re about to take. You can change your field of view very easily. Just select the size of the patient and the system defaults to a particular size, which you can modify if you need to with the click of a button. I demonstrated the system to my treatment coordinator one time and then supervised her using it one time. There was never a reason for review.”

Dr. Green also likes the automatic tracing feature that the CS 8100SC provides. “I honestly didn’t know that technology existed. To generate a tracing instantly is incredible. It’s the kind of task that—with just a little training—you could delegate to your staff very easily. It’s an amazing piece of software. Since the tracings are automatic, I can present every case with a fully traced cephalometric image, which has definitely had a positive impact in building trust with my patients.”

Customization Made Easy

Dr. Green views the CS 8100SC’s customization options as also beneficial. “With some systems, if you modify the kVp and the milliampere-seconds, you can get a very dark or a very light image,” he said. “But the CS 8100SC keeps everything proportional. If you want to change your exposure, the system adjusts automatically and you still get a clear image.”

The CS 8100SC comes with a whole host of filters to aid clinicians in diagnoses. But Dr. Green hasn’t experimented with all of the available options. “I haven’t really found a need to use all of the filters. I am able to see everything I need to with the default filter: the airway, the bony outline of the teeth or the skeletal landmarks. The quality on the original image with the default filter is more than adequate. I can see what I need to see,” he said.

When Size Matters

Designed to be ultra-compact and light, the CS 8100SC’s footprint is smaller than expected. “I wasn’t really sure where we would set up the system,” said Dr. Green. “But the installation team, who was very professional, courteous and flexible, helped me make that decision. The CS 8100SC is actually small enough to fit in a small, triangular storage closet, which is where we will relocate it to. I would have chosen that spot to begin with if I’d realized just how compact the system is.”

But Back to the Best Part

Dr. Green has gotten a lot of positive feedback about the system. “Patients see it and love its sleek, futuristic look.” While he appreciates this reaction, the CS 8100SC’s external design is still not what he enjoys the most. “Clearly, the user interface is the best feature.”

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