PRESS RELEASE: CS 3600 Intraoral Scanner Makes Capturing Dual Arches Faster and Easier than Ever

When it comes to intraoral scanning for orthodontics, speed is key. That’s why Carestream Dental’s new CS 3600 intraoral scanner features optimized scanning for capturing full and dual arches in less time, plus a workflow just for orthodontists.

Users can quickly scan in a smooth, uninterrupted manner thanks to the scanner’s high speed, continuous scanning feature. Unsteady hands or fidgeting young patients have no effect on the final scan. The speed and accuracy of continuous scanning makes for more accurate digital impressions and faster, easier dual arch acquisition.

“Orthodontists see a high volume of patients each day, so chair time is at a premium,” Matt Hendrickson, director, orthodontic business, Carestream Dental, said. “The CS 3600’s high speed scanning makes it easy to create a digital model in a fraction of the time compared to a traditional impression. Naturally, digital scanning also guarantees a more precise model than a traditional impression could.”

In fact, the CS 3600’s scans have been tested for accuracy by ClearCorrect and are now accepted for use with all of ClearCorrect’s products. Additionally, the scanner’s precision has been validated by American Orthodontics (AO) for use with the Harmony digitally customized self ligating lingual bracket system.

“We are very proud that the CS 3600 meets the high accuracy requirements necessary to work with these two great systems,” Hendrickson said. “Our open architecture file system and 'no-fees' approach make it very easy for practices to send digital impressions to the partner of their choice for fabricating appliances.”

An Intelligent Matching System also makes it easier to freely fill in missing information for any area in the data set. Rather than pausing scanning to indicate the location of the scanner in the software, the CS 3600 auto-locates the region for the user; users keep their eyes on the patient, not the computer screen.

Additionally, the CS 3600 comes with two rounded scanning tips—normal and a unique side-oriented tip. The side oriented tip is perfect for dual arch scans, as it prevents the user from having to unnaturally twist their arm to capture the full arch. Plus, the tip has the shortest height in the industry, ideal for orthodontists’ young patients with small mouths.

The CS 3600’s software also offers a workflow specific to orthodontists. Digital models are created automatically for study, record keeping or fabrication of orthodontic appliances.

“Whereas an alginate impression takes up chair time plus an additional 15+ minutes for lab time, CS Model, the scanner’s software designed specifically for orthodontists, creates bases and trims and measures bite registration automatically,” Hendrickson said. “Doctors go from scanning to case presentation faster and more efficiently.”

The CS 3600 features HD 3D images; is lightweight; easy to carry from operatory to operatory; produces open .STL and .PLY files; and requires no click-fees.

Carestream Dental is also pleased to announce a new cutting-edge patient engagement solution for CS OrthoTrac practice management software. This new feature will help orthodontists build better relationships with their patients and market their practice effectively.

The solution features a suite of tools to facilitate interacting with patients such as texting, email marketing, online scheduling and appointment reminders. There’s also the option to monitor a practice’s online reputation on review sites and social media; track and analyze interactions with patients; and manage local listings and search engine optimization for great exposure.

“Between soccer practice and swim lessons, patients and their parents are busy,” Robert Patrick, product line management director, global dental practice management solutions business, Carestream Dental, said. “This solution lets orthodontists interact with patients in a way that’s easy and convenient for both the patient and the doctor. Plus, the practice also benefits from dashboards to track and analyze these interactions so the doctor can be assured of ROI.”

CS OrthoTrac has been the industry leader in orthodontic practice management for over 30 years and Carestream Dental is excited to help software users maximize the success of their orthodontic practices in new ways.

CS OrthoTrac users will also be excited to learn of a new online community for Carestream Dental software users: The Exchange. The Exchange allows visitors to connect with other software users and share tips and tricks within the community. They can also search a database of help files or post questions to be answered by Carestream Dental subject matter experts. The Exchange is part of Carestream Dental’s increasing efforts to make things easier for its customers. Visit The Exchange at

To learn more about the CS 3600 or CS OrthoTrac and The Exchange, visit Carestream Dental in booth #1801 during the AAO’s Annual Session, April 29-May 3, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Fla. For more information any of Carestream Dental’s innovative products, call 800.944.6365 or visit

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