Special Orthodontic Track Available at Global Oral Health Summit

Orthodontists and their staff face a unique set of challenges unlike any other specialty—working with young patients, dealing with their parents and planning treatments that span well over a year. With that in mind, Carestream Dental is featuring a special track of courses just for orthodontic professionals at the Global Oral Health Summit.

The Summit, hosted by Carestream Dental, is a new comprehensive educational event that brings orthodontic as well as dental and OMS professionals together under one roof. This year’s event takes place Nov. 10-13, 2016, at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.

When not networking with colleagues from other specialties, orthodontic professionals have the chance to focus on topics specific to their field by following the orthodontic track. In-depth lectures and hands-on sessions reviewing CS OrthoTrac practice management software, as well as courses taught by well-known doctors and consultants, give orthodontists and staff insight to new trends, technology and techniques.  Below is just a sample of what attendees can expect to learn:

Software-Focused Courses

  • “Turn the Tables: Increase Efficiency with Shortcuts and Tips:” This interactive workshop introduces useful keystroke shortcuts and trainer tips for increasing efficiency when navigating through CS OrthoTrac

  • “Raise the Stakes for Your Practice–Treatment Charting:” Doctors, treatment coordinators and clinical team members alike benefit from this workshop that touches on CS OrthoTrac customized views, configuring pre-defined chart notes, drawing elastics and saving elastic configuration and history, to name just a few.

  • “It All Happens Here! Efficient Treatment Planning:” Administrative team members learn how to save time and improve workflow by creating and editing CS OrthoTrac treatment plans; understanding and interpreting timelines; and factoring in last minute changes and emergencies to planning.

  • “Sweeten the Pot: Managing Accounts Receivable:” Perfect for administrative team members, this lecture class reviews managing and reducing outstanding accounts receivables and maximizing cash flow.

  • “Don’t Leave Anything to Chance; a Dynamic Observation System:” CS OrthoTrac is equipped with many ways to help practices stay connected with patients until the time is right to begin treatment. Learn to attract, engage, track and manage a dynamic observation system to ensure a winning hand every time.

Doctor-Led Courses

  • Tom Pitts shares how to achieve beauty in orthodontics by reviewing protocols to enhance esthetics and criteria for making non-extraction cases look beautiful.

  • Duncan Brown covers how integrating practice management software with CBCT and intraoral scanning takes an orthodontic management system to a new level.

  • Bob Waugh teaches a hands-on course on intraoral scan-to-appliance and covers how digital impressions maximize efficiency in time and cost.

Consultants-Led Courses

  • Rita Bauer teaches how to create a compelling “makeover” photographic series of your patients so they feel like a star.

  • Rosemary Bray will review her top 10 tips on how to create and maintain a super team.

  • David Harris and Wendy Askins share how the hiring process can be adapted to make sure the right people are hired to join the team.

  • Jackie Dorst reviews the Center for Disease Control’s latest guidance on infection control for enhanced patient safety.

  • Mary Beth Kirkpatrick covers how a practice can thrive in a dynamic and changing market.

Many of the courses offered during the Summit are eligible for Continuing Education credits; attendees have the potential to earn 13 credits over the course of the event.

In addition to participating in the orthodontic track, attendees at the Summit can enjoy two keynote speakers; attend social events; network with other orthodontic professionals and specialists; and explore the Vegas Strip.

To learn more about the courses being offered at the Summit and to register, click here.

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