Latest Updates to CS 3600 Include Intelligent Scanning Features

The CS 3600 intraoral scanner is known for its smart scanning technology, but the latest upgrades to its acquisition software have taken the CS 3600 from smart to genius. In fact, intelligent scanning features are the most significant updates to the CS 3600’s acquisition software.

This includes the ability to scan in high-resolution and real-time scanning feedback, such as color coding to indicate holes or gaps in the data set and guide arrows that indicate the ideal direction to rescan the missing information, for improved quality and clinical details. This feedback significantly increases efficiency by reducing repetitive rescanning and image rendering due to missed data.

To reduce back-and-forth communications between the practice and lab, the software can also detect and alert users to possible undercuts while the patient is still in the chair so that the preparation can be adjusted and rescanned on the spot, rather than calling the patient in for a second appointment. Users can also select and lock up to six previously scanned preparation areas to prevent them from being updated by additional scanning. This feature can be used to lock retracted gingiva in case of possible collapse, which could cause degradation to scan quality.

Doctors using the implant-borne restorative workflow of the scanner will benefit from the innovative scanbody area selection tool that allows users to select the region around the scanbody to prevent an image mismatch that can occur when using multiple scanbodies on a single case. Once scanned, the user unselects the area where the scanbody is located; the new scan will only replace the area within the selected area.

To make the orthodontic workflow even more efficient by eliminating the need to take intraoral photographs, the CS 3600’s software update allows for up to five HD 2D intraoral quadrant “snapshots” to be extracted from the digital impression.

Also, new for all three workflows—restorative, implant-bonre restorative and orthodontic—is color-coded occlusion mapping.

Along with the latest software update, the CS 3600 offers the shortest autoclavable tip in the industry, ideal for posterior scanning. All of the scanner’s tips are autoclavable up to 60 times.*

Carestream Dental is also announcing CS 3600 Access, which offers monochromatic scanning with the same proven accuracy as the CS 3600. Users can upgrade their CS 3600 Access to full color capability via a one-time software upgrade if desired, as both scanners utilize the same hardware and scanning technology.

*Posterior tip is a work in progress, not available for sale pending medical device regulatory clearances and registrations. Tips can be autoclaved up to 60 times if the exposure is limited to 134 C at no more than four minutes and if gauze is used, as outlined in the CS 3600 Family Safety, Regulatory and Technical Specifications User Guide (9J8269)

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