Scans from Carestream Dental CS 3600 Compatible with Nutislab®

Carestream Dental is pleased to announce that scans captured by the CS 3600 intraoral scanner are compatible for use with Nutislab®. Nutislab is a digital orthodontic service that lets orthodontists take full advantage of the CS 3600’s .STL files to prepare, design and fabricate orthodontic prostheses.

“The open architecture of the CS 3600 gives clinicians more choices when it comes to partnering with third parties like Nutislab,” Nicola Gizzi, general manager of Carestream Dental’s Europe, Africa and Middle East region, said. “Orthodontists can customize their workflows in a manner that best serves the needs of their patients.”

The CS 3600’s high-speed, continuous scanning makes capturing dual-arch scans for orthodontic appliances quick and easy. An Intelligent Matching System allows users to jump to any place in the mouth to fill in missing data. After scanning, the .STL files of the digital impression can be uploaded to Nutislab’s digital platform so clinicians can design their treatment plan online. Because the whole process is digital, the final prosthesis is not only more accurate, but also returned to the practice faster.

“By being able to convert the high-quality scans from the CS 3600 into best-in-class and innovative orthodontics appliances, Nutislab shares with Carestream Dental a common vision of digital excellence,” Annaëlle Bonnec, executive manager, Nutislab, said “We provide our customers with the latest technology and tailor-made services.”

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