An Open Letter from Carestream Dental CEO, Lisa Ashby

Carestream Dental is excited to celebrate its first year as a freestanding digital dental company, but as we recognize this significant milestone and reflect on this past year we also want to take a moment to celebrate you: The doctors and industry partners around the world who have made our transition such a success. Thank you for your continued trust in Carestream Dental. Your feedback and input has guided us this year as we’ve developed new technology and delivered solutions to your practices—it’s what makes our relationship so unique. Carestream Dental knows that when it listens closely to the oral healthcare community we transform dentistry, simplify technology and change lives.

And what transformations we witnessed this year! Not only did Carestream Dental transform into an independent company dedicated solely to digital dentistry, but we saw transformations in the industry such as smarter, faster software and new patient demands. Carestream Dental was ready as always to respond with the solutions practices need to address these new trends. Since Sept. 1, 2017, we’ve…

    • Responded to trends in the orthodontic industry with significant updates to CS OrthoTrac v14, including a universal clear aligner tracker

    • Redefined the orthodontic workflow by automating the treatment planning process with CS Model+

In addition to the new products and updates introduced since the company’s transition, Carestream Dental’s existing technology was not to be outshined. The CS 8100SC 3D imaging system was honored with an Edison Award in the spring and the CS 3600 outperformed other scanners in a recent study on finish line accuracy. Additionally, the CS 8100 Family passed yet another significant milestone: 20,000 units shipped! Carestream Dental has always been known for its pace of innovation, award-winning technology and its ability to deliver equipment quickly to practices around the world; the awards, recognition and sales milestone reemphasize Carestream Dental’s continued dedication to the high standards doctors expect from us.

From all of us at Carestream Dental, thank you again for your role in helping us transform dentistry and simplify technology. We will continue to support your practice and provide the tools you need to change patients’ lives for many years to come.


Lisa Ashby

CEO, Carestream Dental

CEO Thank You Letter
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