Carestream Dental Provides Full Solution with Dental-specific Software Offerings

Equipment is only as innovative as the software that powers it. That’s why Carestream Dental is dedicated to offering advanced software to help doctors make more confident diagnoses and provide the best care to patients in collaboration with their equipment.

With these software offerings, doctors experience improved workflows and better clinical results. Over the past few years, Carestream Dental has developed and launched modules and software that help doctors refine their diagnoses, plan treatments and improve patient communication.

  • CS Imaging version 8: A powerful imaging hub that centralizes and displays all of doctors’ 2D images, 3D images and CAD/CAM data in one place to aid in more comprehensive diagnoses, optimized treatment workflows and enhanced case presentation. 

  • Prosthetic-Driven Implant Planning Module: The module automatically combines the data sets from a digital impression taken by the CS 3600 intraoral scanner and a Carestream Dental CBCT system. From the virtual set-up, the doctor can plan the crown and implant on the same screen to ensure that the implant is positioned according to the ideal future restoration.

  • CS Airway Module: This module allows doctors to easily segment the pharyngeal region to help them visualize airway constrictions and aid in patient case acceptance.

  • CS Model+ Software: This software automatically segments, sets up, analyzes and presents digital models within minutes.

Additionally, as Carestream Dental introduces new equipment, like the recently launched CS 9600 CBCT system, advanced software makes the system so simple, yet so smart. Features like object scanning,1 3D facial scanning2 and metal artifact reduction (MAR)3 give doctors advanced diagnostic and treatment capabilities. For example, CS Face Scan2 automatically superimposes 3D facial photos onto CBCT scans and/or digital impression to help patients better understand treatment plans. CS MARreduces metal artifacts on CBCT images and users can toggle between images with and without MAR for optimized diagnoses.

Conversely, doctors with older equipment can improve their diagnostic capabilities by adding new software. Particularly, with the comprehensive CS Advantage service offering doctors can protect their investment and receive continuous software updates so they can be assured they’re always diagnosing and treating patients with the latest technology. CS Advantage also offers extended warranty coverage for equipment, training and support.

Another added benefit is the fact that Carestream Dental software can integrate with third-party partners, like labs and dental software providers, making it easier to import and export of files. That way, doctors have flexibility when choosing the workflows and partners that best meet the needs of their practices and patients. For example, recent data export collaborations include single-click digital impression file transfer from Carestream Dental’s CS Connect portal to 3M™ for use with its Clarity™ Aligners; easy export from CS 3D Imaging software to Blue Sky Plan or Swissmeda’s SMOP for planning surgical guides; and greater integration between exocad chairside software and Carestream Dental’s imaging platform for a smoother restorative workflow.

“As one the of the few digital dental companies that develops, manufactures, sells,markets and supports its own solutions—including hardware, software and services—Carestream Dental is perfectly positioned to meet all of doctors’ needs,” Ed Shellard, D.M.D., chief dental officer, Carestream Dental, said.

With Carestream Dental software offerings, doctors are making more confident diagnoses and are seeing better treatment outcomes, which ultimately benefits the most important person to both Carestream Dental and the doctor: The patient.

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1Work in progress, not available for sale

2Option: work in progress, not available for sale


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