Kindness is Contagious at Carestream Dental

April 17, 2018


The BDIA Dental Showcase ended with an unexpected twist when Carestream Dental applications specialist Kristy Morrison received a golden envelope from Practice Plan, a Carestream Dental partner. Golden Envelopes were placed around the exhibition with the tempting slogan “Open Me...I'll Make You Smile.” Inside each envelope was a £20 note with a message that asked people to “pass it on” and use the £20 to make someone smile.  After sharing these details with the UK team, Kristy and her colleagues decided to use the money generously.

Kristy’s sister, a social worker in Scotland, shared with Kristy the story of a client named John. John has made tremendous life improvements in recent years and is in the process of learning how to use technology to help him achieve his personal goals. He had become accustomed to using a tablet, until an unfortunate mishap destroyed his device. John was quite upset and didn’t have the income to replace the tablet, so Kristy suggested donating the £20 towards the cost of buying John a new tablet. Kristy’s Carestream Dental colleagues agreed with the plan and took the donation one step further by establishing a drive to raise enough money to completely cover the cost of a new tablet. The collection yielded £230 in total. With the funds raised, John received a Samsung Tab E, MiFi device, data sim (12GB), a tempered glass screen protector; a heavy duty cover and a SD memory card 36GB. The Dumfries & Galloway Council has recognized Carestream Dental’s generosity with a letter of appreciation. The whole UK team also received a personal card from John to express his gratitude.

Using technology to change lives is at the heart of Carestream Dental company culture. This was a special opportunity sparked by an industry partner to make a difference in the life of a deserving individual, driven by the caring initiative from Practice Plan.

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