PRESS RELEASE: Carestream Dental Announces Availability of CS OrthoTrac v14 to Improve Practice Efficiency, Performance and Compliance in Clinical and Office Workflows

Since its initial launch, CS OrthoTrac has become the market leading practice management solution used by orthodontic offices worldwide due to powerful capabilities across patient management, clinical and claims workflows. Carestream Dental has unveiled the latest major release of this powerful software with CS OrthoTrac v14 that includes significant advances to its core practice management capabilities.

  • Clinical Management with New Treatment Card: As orthodontists manage a growing number of patients and treatment options, practice efficiency and patient compliance are critical to the success of each office. The latest release of CS OrthoTrac addresses these concerns through a complete redesign of the treatment card with improved efficiency that aligns with the workflow of today’s evolving orthodontic practices.

  • Patient Compliance Monitoring: CS OrthoTrac v14 includes an enhanced patient compliance section, which gives users an expanded real-time snapshot of the patient’s broken appointments , rescheduled appointments , damaged wires, broken brackets, etc. With this enhanced workflow, office staff can identify issues that are impacting length of treatment and have meaningful conversations with the patient and guardian to streamline treatment time.

  • Universal Aligner Tracking: The redesigned CS OrthoTrac 14 includes an all-new feature for emerging treatment options for clear aligners. Now, orthodontists offering clear aligner treatment plans can easily create and track treatment progress through its various stages. Doctors now have an easy way to track how many aligners are given to a patient, document the prescription instructions and duration regardless of manufacturer, brand or if made in-house.

“We believe the new treatment card streamlines the visit for every patient that comes through the office,” Matthew Hendrickson, specialty sales director, Carestream Dental, said.

The modern update to the treatment card gives clinicians the advantage of enhanced treatment planning and patient workflow. With a locked banner to showcase essential patient information, less time is spent searching for clinical information and more time is dedicated to patient communication and satisfaction. A standalone light bar offers a real-time view of workflow performance outside of the treatment card, as well as lights to indicate “remaining time in chair, “doctor is finished” and “call other doctor.” Plus, a family member’s treatment card is always just a click away for easy access to family clinical data.

Early users of CS OrthoTrac v14 have commented on the significant improvements the update brings, as well as how easy it is to train on the new software.

“This redesign is based on valuable feedback that we’ve been gathering from CS OrthoTrac users and the orthodontic community,” Uriyah Robinson, product line manager, CS OrthoTrac, Carestream Dental, said. “By going directly to the people who live in the software every day, we’re able to provide more valuable updates, knowing that we’re delivering enhancements that users actually want.”

“It's obvious customer feedback played a major part in your design because version 14 addresses relevant, day-to-day clinical needs,” Mary Beth Kirkpatrick, managing partner, Impact360, said. “As our industry evolves, clinical management tools must reflect those changes.”

Carestream Dental offers customers with the flexibility and choice with two options of using CS OrthoTrac 14. Existing and new customers can immediately access CS OrthoTrac v14 through a traditional software license and maintenance program or take advantage of the CS OrthoTrac Cloud that provides a hosted subscription service that is ideal for practices that want the simplicity of cloud with automatic software updates and redundant backups.

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