PRESS RELEASE: New In-office Cone Beam CT Allows for More Single-visit Diagnoses and In-office Procedures

For ENTs looking to improve patient care while streamlining practice efficiency there’s an all-new smart, yet simple, solution: The CS 9600 in-office cone beam CT. First previewed at the 2018 AAO-HNS Annual Meeting and now available to the ENT market, the CS 9600 delivers high-quality sinus and temporal bone images at point-of-care, aiding in single-visit diagnosis and treatment leading to more in-office procedures.

“ENT offices are fully equipped to meet the needs of patients’ treatment, but as soon as a patient is referred to an imaging center, the chances of performing that treatment in-house goes down,” Jordan Reiss, 3D and ENT sales director, Carestream Dental, said. “The CS 9600 expands the typical ENT office’s services, so doctors can scan, diagnose and plan treatment in a single visit. That means better care at lower cost and an increased source of income, while the patient experiences faster diagnosis to healing.”

The CS 9600 makes it more efficient to image patients in-house with smart technology. For more accurate, “first-time-right” imaging, video cameras help users position patients in the correct position with a unique live positioning system. The SmartPad touchscreen then guides users through the exam, simplifying the procedure from setup to image quality control. This includes pre-set sinus and temporal bone programs. Cameras and SmartAuto technology ensure the tip of the nose is captured every time by using both live video positioning and a low-dose scout view, making the CS 9600 ideal for image-guided surgery.

Multiple field of view options—16 cm x 17 cm or 16 cm x 12 cm for paranasal sinus and 16 cm x 6 cm for bilateral and 6 cm x 6 cm unilateral temporal bone scans—are ideal for meeting the needs of ENT professionals. The system’s superior resolution (0.075 mm slices) enables excellent visualization of middle and inner ear structures, such as the tympanic membrane, ossicles, semicircular canals, mastoid air cells and cochlea. The CS 9600 also addresses patient safety concerns with images at a dose 77 percent lower than a conventional CT exam, yet with optimal image quality from its 120 kV high power generator.

For additional patient comfort and precision, the CS 9600 features a retractable seat,* which enables scanning patients in a seated position when higher stability is required. The seat also swings out of the way to accommodate patients in wheelchairs or who prefer to stand.

The CS 9600 comes equipped with CS 3D Imaging, one of the industry’s most intuitive software interfaces. Powerful tools help doctors visualize the sinus, airway, temporal bones and soft tissues, improving diagnostic capabilities and enhancing patient communication. Optional software modules can aid in more confident diagnoses and increased case acceptance. The CS Airway module’s* easy-to-understand color coding helps doctors visualize constrictions in the airway and clearly communicate treatment with patients. CS Face Scan* captures realistic 3D facial photos and automatically superimposes the image over the cone beam CT scan to help patients better understand their proposed treatment plan.

For even more convenience and integration, the CS 9600 is compatible with most image-guided surgery (IGS) systems; meets balloon sinusplasty requirements; and can be integrated with RIS and PACS systems. It also includes cloud-based remote archiving for safe remote data backup.

To ensure the cone beam CT is providing the best performance, the CS 9600 features CS UpStream,* which continuously screens the system and monitors its historical behavior to prevent downtime and maximize system availability. Additionally, to protect doctors’ investments, the CS 9600 is available with CS Advantage,* a comprehensive service offering that provides extended warranty coverage, software updates, training and support to ensure the best ownership experience.

The CS 9600 comes from a global digital technology company known for delivering turnkey ENT solutions including everything from equipment to software, as well as accreditation and support. In fact, since launching its first cone beam CT in 2007, Carestream Dental has sold more than 20,000 cone beam CT imaging systems worldwide. With its dedicated US-based ENT sales and support teams, and a larger global workforce of 1,800, the company has the scale to provide tailored solutions to ENTs all over the world. Its focus is providing all-digital workflows, and it’s backed by more than 100 years of experience and has a history of partnering with hospitals and ENT practitioners.


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