Carestream Dental Named Preferred Partner for 3D Digital Imaging Solutions at Aspen Dental

High-quality 3D scans combined with the power of Carestream Dental’s preferred partnership with Swissmeda will provide Aspen Dental doctors and patients with more efficient imaging and access to innovative surgical guides for better outcomes.

ATLANTA—Aspen Dental, one of the country’s fastest growing dental service organizations (DSO) under one brand name, has chosen Carestream Dental to support it in its mission to provide dental treatment for every mouth by naming the company its preferred partner for all digital 3D equipment.

Access—or lack thereof—to dental care and an aging population seeking functional, long-term solutions for maintaining their smiles are two significant challenges in the oral healthcare industry today. By partnering together, Carestream Dental and Aspen Dental will address several concerns facing the field of dentistry at once: First, delivering safer and more accurate 3D imaging to more patients and second, using those accessible 3D images to plan implants, fabricate surgical guides and conduct more efficient implant placement.

“Aspen Dental’s mission to deliver dental care to as many people as possible aligns perfectly with Carestream Dental’s mission of transforming dentistry, simplifying technology and changing lives,” Jeremy Thomas, general manager for the Americas region, Carestream Dental, said. “Aspen Dental supports thousands of dentists and needs 3D digital technology that will not only enhance diagnoses and treatment planning, but is easy to use, easy to integrate into any workflow and comfortable for patients. Since Carestream Dental manufactures and supports its own systems, we’ll be able to provide them customized and consistent care.”

Aspen Dental plans to install Carestream Dental 3D imaging systems in all its de novo practices—between 90 to 100 are opened each year—while the 2D systems in established practices will be gradually updated to 3D. Among the technology to be implemented into Aspen practices is the CS 8100 3D extraoral imaging system, a compact system that delivers high-resolution 3D images. Its open, patient-centric design makes it faster and easier to position patients while its stunning 3D images help doctors make confident diagnoses.

Doctors will also be able to take advantage of Carestream Dental’s preferred partnership with Swissmeda to plan implant cases and then export the surgical guide design for fabrication. The Swissmeda Dental Planning System (DPS) is not only easy to use, but the system features an innovative communication system that allows Aspen Dental’s doctors to seamlessly collaborate on patient care. The guides also feature a patented open skeletal design that give doctors more visibility and confidence when placing implants.

“This high-quality digital technology will help the doctors we support offer implant dentistry and more advanced procedures to more patients,” Arwinder Judge, D.D.S., chief clinical officer, Aspen Dental Management, Inc. “With access to Swissmeda DPS, we’re looking forward to a more streamlined process for fabricating surgical guides, so doctors can provide more efficient surgeries and save patients and doctors time.”

To provide fast and effective care at the beginning of even the most routine procedures, Aspen Dental is also using Carestream Dental’s RVG 6200 intraoral sensor and CS 2200 generator. 

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